Safely Remove Dead or Dying Trees in Lubbock, TX

Trust The Tree Guy to take down your trees

If you have a dead or unhealthy tree on your property that's threatening to collapse at any minute, call The Tree Guy to have it removed right away. A falling tree can cause expensive property damage and put your safety, and that of your family, at risk. Don’t wait for a storm to knock your dead or sick tree over. The Tree Guy can safely remove dangerous trees from any location.

Protect your property and contact us today. We’ll give you a free quote on your tree removal service.

Tree removal experts

Don’t let just anyone take a chainsaw to your trees. Attempting to take down a tree without using the proper techniques and equipment can be dangerous. Trust The Tree Guy to skillfully remove your trees. We can:

  • Safely remove trees by cutting and lowering them in small pieces
  • Drop trees with one cut when there is enough space to do so
  • Safely take town trees near your home or fence
  • Grind down all stumps for a complete removal service
Avoid unnecessary property damage caused by inexperienced Lubbock tree service companies. Call The Tree Guy today to get your tree removed safely.